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    考點1 并列結構

    在文章當中聽到Also, and,plus等這些并列連接詞,或者總分結構中的并列,比如 There are a couple of factors/elements/ways, 后面教授會羅列并列的要點,考生需要迅速將前后的并列的要點通過筆記的形式記錄,例題如下:

    例題1:TPO7L4 Q4:What factors are involved in the amount of deformation a glacier undergoes? Click on 2 answers

    A.The thickness of glacial ice

    B.The hardness of glacial ice

    C.The amount of water beneath the glacial ice

    D.The temperature of the glacial ice

    相應原文:Now, there are a couple of factors that affect the amount of deformation that takes place or the speed of the glacier’s movement for example. Deformation is more likely to occur the thicker the ice is, because of the gravity of the weight of the ice. And temperature also plays a part here, in that cold ice does not move as easily as ice that is close to the melting point.

    解析:在這道題目當中,教授先用a couple of factors這樣的總分結構引入下面的分論點,然后說了2個影響冰川變形量的因素,以并列連接詞Also連接,第一個是the thicker the ice is, 第二個是temperature,所以答案應該是AD

    例題2:TPO31C2 Q3:What two requirements did the student have to meet in order to get the internship? Click on 2 answers

    A.he had to have volunteered previously at the aquarium

    B.he had to be certified in scuba diving

    C.he had to be a senior oceanography student

    D.he had to have experience collection oceanographic data

    相應原文:Well, the internship requires me to have scuba diving certification and to be a senior oceanography student.

    解析:學生描述的實習的條件是需要scuba diving的證書,以及必須要是大四的海洋學學生。所以答案是BD

    例題3:TPO15L1 Q2:According to the professor, what are two weaknesses of the Cognitive Failures Questionnaire? Click on 2 answers.

    A.It relies on subjective reporting.

    B.It assesses a limited number of situations.

    C.It does not assess visual distractions

    D.It does not account for factors other than distract ability.

    相應原文:And that's part of the problem with the CFQ. It doesn't take other factors into account enough, like forgetfulness. Plus you really can't say you are getting objective scientific results from a subjective questionnaire where people report on themselves.

    解析:這道題目當中,教授用Plus并列了2個CFQ的缺點:1 它并沒有把其他的因素考慮進去,比如遺忘 2 不能從主觀的問卷調查中得到客觀的科學結論。所以答案是AD

    考點2 離散結構


    例題:TPO10C2 Q3: What is the store's policy about giving refunds on books?Click on 2 answers

    A.Books that are not for a specific course will receive a store credit instead of a refund

    B.Course textbooks can be returned for a full refund early in the school semester

    C.All books must be returned within two weeks to be eligible for a full refund

    D.Only books that are in new condition will get a full refund


    B:Well, for a full refund: store policy is that you have to return merchandise 2 weeks from the time it was purchased. Uh... but for assigned textbooks or anything having to do with specific courses. Wait... was it for a specific course?


    Yeah, but actually…


    Well... for course books, the deadline is 4 weeks after the beginning of the semester.

    D:Exactly!!! The book has to been in perfect condition of course. They can’t be marked up or looked use in any way for the full refund, I mean.





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