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        Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

      People should buy things made in their own country, even if they cost more than the same things that are made elsewhere.


      Heavily impacted by globalization, diverse commodities along with various brands either local-based or foreign are emerging for consumers. Some may determine to be local-preferred; however, I suggest that we should not be restricted to those products only made from domestic.【注意這里的措辭:排除題目論調,但沒有明確方向】

      Primarily, shopping is supposed to be a price-first thing. When purchasing products, almost everyone gives a notice to price tag and then the quality, which means under the same level, foreign brands with a friendly price would be picked up, vice verse. Therefore, if local products were beyond people’s budget in shopping, it would still be abandoned, but what if the quality is extremely high? 【對自己所持有的論點進行駁論】That would be another story.Only with enough competitiveness like long persistence of air conditioners that are seldom broken and last for ten-year using would those get people’s favor.Under the situation,it is unreasonable to compel people to buy local brands;instead the wise and economical shopping habits should be encouraged, which is truly consumer-friendly.【結合例子強化中心論點】My mother is a housewife who is very good at calculating between budget and benefits. She has no boundary in the place of origin but only focuses on the price and quality. It is hardly to see our furniture or appliance break down or extremely expensive cause she can always pick out the best one with a nice price. Birth of place in products means nothing to my mother.

      Also, having an open mind to foreign products should not be misunderstood as a way to trigger local unemployment. 【對有可能出現的反對意見進行駁論】What should be realized is that the failure of some companies from our countries attributes to mismanagement, wrong path in developing or scandals. Take the local renowned bread-making company for example. It once added chemical products in ferment of Croissant including pancakes, which killed several pupils. And this artificial accident sent the company to bankruptcy together with numerous staff unemployed. The similar cases could be seen in other local brands. 【例證進行補充】On the contrary,the competition with foreign brands to a large extent would motivate domestic ones. Threatened by cheap price and high quality, those local companies, if they want to get more consumers, must devote great efforts and energy to renovate their own products, or they may be cleaned out. 【說理對比強化中心論點】Should consumers be forced to buy local brands, it might create a delusion to those producers that they do not need to progress but rely on the policy to get huge profit.

      All in all, the wide spreading economy net allows for the prosperity of products, so does the choice in shopping.【重申本文觀點】



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